February Meeting: (2nd Monday) Board Meeting:
Date: Monday, February 11, 2019
Time: 7:30 pm 6:30 pm
Location: Shull Piano
610 Amigos Dr., B1, Redlands, CA 92373

In January we joined the LA Chapter for an excellent presentation at the Colburn School. There was a fascinating presentation by Alex Kerstan, factory manager of Steingraeber Piano, covering a wide range of topics from factory techniques and design to soundboards (Steingraeber doesn't crown its ribs, but presses the board in a curved dish at 5%, letting the pressing and atmosphere create a vibrant, energetic board). Steingraeber has pedal features that include a "Sordino" (a thin sheet of felt introduced between the hammers and strings similar to Viennese fortepianos) and a "Mozart Rail" that reduces hammer blow and key stroke to simulate a more fortepiano-like touch.

This month Josh Tonyan will present approaches to Yamaha vertical hammer butt spring cord replacement, for both butt plate and fixed centerpin style. Josh will present his own and colleague Herb Bridgeman's methods for executing this in-demand job.

Don't forget to register early for the SO CAL PTG SEMINAR at the Hampton Inn in Riverside, March 30 and 31! See the attached flyer. Classes offered include:
    - Designing and Building Grand Pianos by David Rubenstein & Del Fandrich (4 Periods)
    - Grand Balancing Act: Action Weigh-Off Simplified by Bruce Stevens & David Vanderlip (2 Periods)
    - Installing the WN&G Grand Damper Action by Bruce Stevens (2 Periods)
    - Actions – Old & New: Replacement and Regulating Tips &Tricks by Randy Morton (1 Period)
    - YAMAHA Piano Performance Preparation by Kevin Suzuki (2 Periods)
    - Your Business' Future and the New Tax Laws by Sheila King (1 Period)
    - The DIY Piano Technician by Ron Kneale (1 Period) - Erard Piano History & Service by Bill Shull (1 Period)
    - Baldwin Piano History & Service by Bill Shull (1 Period)
    - If you didn't earn $120,000 You Need This Class by Randi Potter (1 Period)
    - How to be a Mentor, How to be an Apprentice by Randi Potter (1 Period)