Los Angeles Chapter

May Meeting: (3rd Monday)
Date: Monday, May 17, 2021
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Via Zoom
Meeting ID: 901 527 8420
Guest Speaker: Ryan Sowers, RPT from Washington

In our last meeting, the LA Chapter visited with Mark Cerisano, RPT, who maintains a tuning business on Prince Edward Island. Cerisano focused on tuning stability, using the "tension band" model to describe the relationship of the tension on the front string (the length from the tuning pin to the agraffe, or capo bar) to the tension of the speaking length. Subtle hammer manipulations combined with a two-string unison listening method can be used to discern these relationships and then be used to achieve greater tuning stability without percussive test blows. The presentation was recorded, so if you missed it, you can view it at this link:

Password is laptg2021

Our next meeting will feature Ryan Sowers who will ponder the question of whether aural or ETD tuning is better. The answer? Both! "ETD users lacking strong aural abilities are missing a crucial skill. Aural tuners lacking an ETD are missing a crucial tool." Sowers will show how machines and technicians working together can achieve a greater good. Please click on this link for a detail description https://tinyurl.com/bumaawfj

The time has come for us to vote in a brand new executive board. We will hold the vote at the start of the meeting. Our outstanding candidates are as follows:

Scott Reitz for President
Eric Rautenberg and Cary Winsor for Co-Vice President
Tim Michaels for Secretary/Treasurer
Brad Fant Member-at-large

If anyone wishes to put their name in the running, please contact Kayoko Forrest at lunatuner@aol.com