General Announcements

Southern CA Exam Board

The Southern California Area Exam Board will be offering PTG Technical and Tuning exams on January 12 and 13, 2019 at California State University Long Beach. Please contact Carl Lieberman ( if you are interested in either of the exams. You will need to contact PTG Home Office by email or phone to pre-pay your exam fee, and then bring your voucher to us on exam day. Also be SURE to bring your PTG membership card and your Re-classification form with you. Exams will be given at CSU Long Beach in the Music Department. If you have any questions on exam day, please call Kathy Smith at 714-904-5408. Remember, if you haven't taken the written exam yet and wish to start your exams, you take your written exam at the chapter level first, which generates your Reclassification Form.

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Pomona Seminar March 2019