April Meeting:
Date: Mon. 4/8/2024
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Piano Kitchen
     430 Rose Ave.,
     Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara Chapter met on March 11 and changed our officer lineup a little, with Charles Hudson stepping down as President and Kate Therrien stepping in!

We discussed higher-level Guild business and dynamics and committed to educating ourselves a bit about the upcoming elections.

Our technical issues session was dominated by fun and strange encounters and problems we couldn't quite resolve, ranging from broken Chickering brass plate nuts, to a minor but growing plate crack, to a huge destroyed/missing piece of lid polyester.

For our program, we staged a scenario in which a basic/intermediate player needs and can appreciate a little more downweight consistency, without needing to undergo a full/official weighing off and balancing of the action/keys. The relatively quick and inexpensive solution, proportional to the need/problem, was to use the Bolduc fulcrum tool (or similar), set at an acceptable downweight in the 45-50g range near the middle of the keyboard, to identify the worst offenders: those keys needing attention. A key lead is placed/moved along the top of the keystick until the desired downweight/position is found, and marked as long as there is available space for a lead to be added there.

We noted that changing the downweight also affects the upweight, which we like to be in the 20g area. Also important to remember that gram weight at the hammer is 5-7x at the front of the key, and that most weight inconsistency issues can be resolved by careful/smart hammer choices, in cases where hammer replacement is taking place.

Our next meeting will be Monday, April 8 at 7pm at the Piano Kitchen in Santa Barbara, where our program will be a system and process for setting and adjusting upright damper timing and letoff outside the piano, based on samples set in the piano.