June Meeting: (2nd Monday)
Date: Monday, June 10, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Jim Connolly’s Piano Kitchen
430 Rose Ave., Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara Chapter met on May 13th. We continue to explore putting on some kind of informational/educational program for the local MTAC chapters. We also continue to have discussions about the real-world applications of Steinway's trademark actions.

We voted unanimously to carry our current officers into a new term.

We discussed precision application of lubricants using a medical-grade veterinary syringe; the dangers and struggles of communicating with customers who aren't thinking of the instrument as a mechanical device; one member's experience using Paraloid B72 as a lacquer alternative to harden hammers; and careful use of ProFelt to soften hammers.

Instead of a formal program, we welcomed new member Tom Adams, who shared a bit about his interests, journey to technician-hood, and questions. We were able to provide lots of suggestions and resources to get him started on a quality path.

In response to one member's encounter with an upright that sounds like it has super high partials sounding, we advised to check the non-speaking lengths, check the fitting of hammers to strings, seat everything, and check the dampers for leaking.

Our next meeting will be Monday June 10th at 7:00 pm at Jim Connolly's Piano Kitchen in Santa Barbara, where our program will be a mini-clinic on repinning and rebushing flanges.