November Meeting: (2nd Monday) Board Meeting:
Date: Monday, November 11, 2019
Time: 7:30 pm 6:30 pm
Location: Shull Piano
610 Amigos Dr., Redlands, CA

Last month Bill Shull shared with us part one of his enlightening "Restoring Antique Steinway Pianos: Best Practices" program. Using photos and detailed descriptions we learned a great deal about the considerations made when dealing with historic instruments.

For this month's program Bill will give part two of his "Restoring Antique Steinway Pianos: Best Practices" program, going into further detail with more interesting insights and tips!

The chapter also has some important business before us this month. Because of the recent changes to enfranchisement, it has become much harder for us to meet quorum requirements in our business meetings. We now require at least ten chapter members present to do business, a threshold which we rarely meet. To remedy this we have discussed changing the quorum requirements so that the minimum quorum would be the President or Vice President and two other members. We would like to vote on this at the upcoming meeting, so anybody who would like to come and discuss this, please do so.

Also, we would like to discuss setting up a more central location for our meetings. Because our current meeting location is in Redlands, it is a very difficult drive for some people to make, especially on a weekday evening. Any ideas for a more convenient location would be of great help.

All are welcome and we will be having light refreshments.