Holiday greetings!

Our chapter is going to pass on meeting during the month of December so everyone can focus on the rush of business and other festivities that come at this time of year. We would like to announce a gathering planned by our Executive Board for January 11th.

We are going to be at the shop of Brian Janey in Fallbrook to undertake a project for a particularly special group of people: the Wounded Warrior Battalion on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. This is not a veteran charity, but literally the unit on Camp Pendleton those wounded in battle are assigned to until they are rehabilitated and reassigned or discharged from the US Marine Corps. These Marines are those suffering with PTSD, brain injuries or are adjusting to life with prosthetic limbs.

The Battalion has a music program that involves a variety of music lessons and other musical activities, so they do need a functioning piano.

Brian Janey was contacted by staff to come look after a piano that was donated to them. It was not found to be something remotely serviceable. An early 1980s 45" Steinway upright has been acquired that needs some “love;” and we are going to gather and bring it up to snuff: cleaning, regulation, finish touch up - and get these rehabilitating warriors a reasonable piano. Any and all in the Chapter who would like to join us in the endeavor, mark your calendars for January 11. We will meet at 11:00 and work through the afternoon.

If you have a particular skill set you would like to bring, or you would just like to participate in what is likely to turn into a bit of a technical on upright reconditioning, come join us! Email or call/text: 760.390.7349 if you plan to stop in.