No Meetings in November or December

Last month we joined the Chicago Chapter for a joint technical session which featured a wide ranging discussion on the subject of tools of the trade by Isaac Sadigursky, RPT.

Our thanks go out to the Chicago Chapter for hosting the event and to Isaac for an extensive and entertaining demonstration of the tool and tool storage strategies he uses to be prepared for whatever piano maintenance situations may come his way while out in the field.

As is our new practice, the San Diego County Chapter will not have a meeting in November or December so everyone can focus on the usual rush of business during the holidays. This was decided upon at the annual meeting last year.

Our intent is to resume hosting online meetings with noteworthy guest speakers in 2021 from near and far on a monthly basis. If you would like to suggest a topic for an upcoming meeting or if you'd like to be included in our San Diego County Chapter newsletters to receive more information about how to attend please contact Brian Janey at