April Meeting: (2nd Tuesday)
Date: Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Kawai America
2055 E. University
Dominguez Hills 90220

Last month we had a terrific discussion about services we do that we are proud of and do as a value adding element in our work.

The chapter put heads together and discussed a myriad of practices that have helped when used in the right application. For example, when you have a key bed that is flexible (not Steinway or Mason & Hamlin) you can shim balance rail areas with cutout segments of a manila folder and, in some instances, tighten or loosen key bed screws to adjust the key height.

We had an interesting discussion on pitch raise tuning, the concept of the fast pass, and the Reyburn CyberTuner. Specifically with RCT, using the 'lock note' function when the pitch is significantly off to ensure the machine hears the note it is expecting and calculates overpull properly.

Lisa Weller likes to make sure the upstop rail on grand pianos is tightened and secured properly so as to not rattle or encumber function.

Bruce Grimes had many great suggestions such as when first coming to a piano, before moving any picture or removing any panels he plays the piano to listen for extraneous sounds and malfunctioning notes- each note three times. This should enlighten the thinking on how one might proceed. When indicated, and the grooves on an upright's hammers are deep - and the action is problematic, bobblers etc.- try shimming up the hammer rest rail- about the amount of the hammer groove and then take up the lost motion at the capstan (about 1/5th of the rail shim amount, in theory). Additionally, on the topic of enlightened thinking, we talked about psychic connections, extra sensory perception and the metaphysical nature of the mind's eye. Bruce Grimes has moved to San Marcos, Texas, so the South Bay Chapter now needs a newsletter editor and chapter secretary. Please inquire if you might like to do either or both of these roles for the chapter.

This month our chapter will be having fun with tuning hammers! Please bring your tuning hammers and your tuning tips so we can compare, test and see the differences between hammers, and, in particular, tips of different sizes, angles, and manufacturers . It should be interesting to see the results and then be able to consider those results when deciding how to use our primary tool of the craft, the Tuning Hammer!

We will meet at Kawai Tuesday, April 9. Bring those tuning levers and tips. There will most certainly be pie for all to enjoy!