Greetings Southbay Chapter !
We WILL be having an online Chapter meeting July , it will be this Tuesday July 14th at 7:00 pm , and it will be Carl Lieberman hosting a viewing and fielding questions about his recent lecture for Piano Technicians Masterclasses online. The link for this highly popular event is below.

But first !  In June , piano action manufacturer WNG hosted an online zoom meeting for the Southbay chapter. Bruce Clark gave us an in depth look at the current roster of action parts that offer . WNG is committed to the pursuit of excellence. The in depth testing they do to illuminates the variable nature  of wood,  and when compared to the incredible stability of their system , the results are staggering . University technicians,  in particular, can see how the WNG action takes constant heavy use for extended time periods , without flinching. We thank WNG Owner Kirk Burgett who joined us to share some of the journey that goes into achieving these phenomenal benchmarks.
More information can be found at Thank You , WNG!

For July , we will have a recitation of Carl Lieberman‘s Zoom presentation with Piano Technicians Masterclass, an instant classic, the 6/13/20 edition of Piano Tech Radio Hour. The volume of overwhelmingly positive responses to this lecture has sparked us to further explore this topic, and revisit the lecture with its creator as Host, to moderate , recant, and share not only his screen but also his scene! We look forward to that, Carl!
Here is the hyperlink below to the zoom ID for Southbay Chapter Meeting which will be on Tuesday July 14th , 7:00 pm. Just click or tap the link , or use the meeting ID to join on your computer. See you online this Tuesday evening

Carl Lieberman is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting:

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Meeting ID: 932 8839 5444